5 Month Update


I’m surprised that my last post was only 5 months ago. It feels like it’s been much longer. So many things have changed. I got married last month. Yay!!! Unfortunately, we went into debt to pay for the wedding and honeymoon. Our initial wedding budget was $10k. After a couple months of me wringing my hands trying to figure out how we could have a tasteful event on such a small budget we upped our budget to $20k. I did not keep really good records however, I’m relatively sure we stayed in that range.

The reason we went in debt for the wedding is not because we went over budget but because we did not save enough. Between moving (we moved a month before we got married), the bachelorette party and, the wedding itself we ended up racking up $6k in debt which we have gotten down to $3k. Honestly, I’m not too worried by it but I’m a little disappointed in us.

My Stats – Update 9-15-2015

  1. I’m almost 28 years old
  2. I’m getting marred in August of this year. 🙂  I GOT MARRIED TWO MONTHS AGO and added $3k in debt for the privilege 😦
  3. I plan to reach my Stay At Home Mom Goal in the next 3-5years I have baby fever and would prefer only to wait 2 years
  4. I currently have a fair amount of student loan debt and a car note I now have $4k in student loan debt and, I PAID OFF MY CAR.

Thoughts On My Progress

– I paid off my car and I did not get a parade. I didn’t even get my title mailed to me. I had to go to the DMV and pay for a copy of my title. That said it is nice to know that I own my car and no else (besides my besides my hubby 😉 can lay claim to it.

My Stats & Current Plan

My Stats

1. I’m almost 28 years old
2. I’m getting marred in August of this year. 🙂
3. I plan to reach my Stay At Home Mom Goal in the next 3-5years
4. I currently have a fair amount of student loan debt and a car note


A Piece of My Tentative Plan

My plan is constantly evolving and hasn’t been truly fleshed out but the below 3 steps are a start. If anyone of you have made the jump or supported a spouse who made the jump from single working woman to stay at home mom please provide your advice or suggestions.


1. Pay Off Debt

This one is self-explanatory. I will provide financial details latter when I disclose my net worth.

2. Max Out Retirement Funding

The second step is fully maxing out my retirement contributions each year for the next few years. After I leave the work force I don’t want my soon to be husband to feel he has to contribute to my retirement accounts in addition to his own. I imagine it will be difficult enough to thrive on one income without factoring in two retirement contributions. Once I leave the work force I do not plan on returning.

My 401k balance as of Feb 15th, 2015 was $38,995. If I do not contribute anything else to my 401k I will have $336,764 of purchasing power assuming a 10% rate of return and 4% inflation rate. That’s not bad but ideally I would like to reach $1million. If I contribute the maximum of $18,000 each year for the next 3 years starting in 2015 I will have $103,748 which will become $752,282. That’s still shy of my $1million dollar mark but I’ll take it for now until I figure out how to supplement my income during my time at home.

3. Figure Out How to Supplement Income From Home

This is definitely TBD. I need a viable side hustle y’all. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Again thanks for joining me on this journey.
Saving For Motherhood

Hello world!

Writing my first post is an emotional experience for me. This is the blog that I have been meaning to needed to write for years. My ultimate dream in life was to be an independently wealthy stay at home mom. I had dreams of midday day , midweek shopping sprees, mani-pedi’s and fitness classes. When I was a teenager, before I knew anything about the world I thought it would be easy but then…life happened. After college I came to the realization that gobs of money were not going to start falling out of the sky and it was unlikely that my $50,000 $0 (thanks great recession) per year salary would allow me to become an independently wealthy lady by the time I was 25 and ready to have children.

For about 4 years I let my dream go. Recently I’ve decided to fight for my dreams!!!! I want to be rich. I’ve always wanted to be rich and if I don’t make and execute a plan for wealth I will not obtain it.

While I still want to be rich I realize that wealth is apart of my long term plan. I don’t have to be rich to be a stay at home mom as it is possible for me to stay at home and contribute to my household financially or for my fiancé and I to live off one income. I don’t know all of the how’s, when’s and what’s yet but I will use this blog as my repository for all of my thoughts, emotions, personal finance tips, stay home tips, net worth tracker, etc. I’m hoping that through this blog I will be able to hash out a plan for how I can become a stay at home mother.

I would like to connect with people with similar interests or anyone willing to engage is discourse with me.

Thanks for reading,

Saving For Motherhood